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Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is the capital of the U.S. state of Georgia. With more than six million residents in the metro and outlying areas, Atlanta continues to experience explosive growth thanks to domestic transplants and international immigrants alike. Beyond the big-ticket Downtown attractions you will find a collection of excellent restaurants, a real Hollywood influence (Atlanta is a hugely popular film-production center) and iconic African American history. That last point can't be overstated: any nationwide African American intellectual, political and artistic movement you can mention either had its genesis in Atlanta, or found a center of gravity here.

Without natural boundaries to control development, it's fair to say Atlanta is more a region than a city. Yet for all its sprawl and suburbanization, there is a lovely urban core covered with trees – some 36% of the city to be exact, making it one of the most densely forested cities in the US.

Martin Luther King Jr, the quintessential figure of the Civil Rights movement and arguably America's greatest leader, was born and raised in Atlanta. He remains one of the most respected figures of the 20th century and is Atlanta's quintessential African American hero.

Atlanta is a quirky and cultured metroplex, with world-class museums, theater and arts. The economy is strong, the population is young and creative, and the social scene is diverse. Distinct neighborhoods are like friendly small towns, common with pristinely preserved historic homes and thoroughfares of hip bars, cozy coffee shops and independent shopping. The food would be either classic Southern eats such as pecan pie, fried chicken and pimento cheese; innovative, chef-driven New American foodie haunts; or ethnic holes-in-the-wall.

Destinations visited
Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site
Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site
Figure of the Civil Rights movement and arguably America's greatest leader. Born and raised in Atlanta. The historic site commemorates the life, work and legacy of the Civil Rights leader and one of the great Americans. The site takes up several blocks.
Center for Civil & Human Rights
Center for Civil & Human Rights
This striking 2014 addition to Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park is a sobering $68-million memorial to the American Civil Rights and global human-rights movements. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed, the indisputable highlight centers on an absolutely harrowing interactive mock Woolworth's lunch-counter sit-in simulation that will leave you speechless and move some to tears.
Stone Mountain Park
Stone Mountain Park
In the northeast Atlanta suburb of Stone Mountain sits this unique – and controversial – theme park based around the 825ft-high Stone Mountain, the world's largest outcropping of exposed granite. It is best known for the huge carving of Confederate 'heroes' Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee (cue the controversial part), which took more than half a century to complete.
Georgia State Capitol
Georgia State Capitol
The gold-domed capitol is Atlanta's political hub. Free self-guided tours give visitors a glance at state-level American politics.

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